Wednesday, August 4, 2010

82 down...18 to go!

Last night, I finished my 82nd book of the year...LET'S TAKE THE LONG WAY HOME, a gorgeous book by Gail Caldwell. This was a perfect way to fully complete my non-fiction category for 10-10-10! Of my 10 original categories, I've completed two: non-fiction and audiobooks. This is one of the surprises of the challenge--typically I really dislike non-fiction, so it's funny to me that I managed to finish it as a category much earlier than some of my favorites (like mystery or "authors new to me".)

Here is what I have left:
Authors new to me: 1
My choice: 1
On TBR shelf too long: 3
Young Adult: 4
Mystery: 1
Novella: 2
Graphic Novel: 2
Business books: 4

Tell me about your progress! Comment here or email me at

1 comment:

  1. regarding one of those two final Graphic Novels... how do you feel about zombies?

    I just read the first trade edition of The Walking Dead, which was just wonderful and is full of characters I'm looking forward to spending more time with (though, sadly, some of them don't make it out of the first book alive). Also, in October, it will premiere as a series on AMC, directed by Frank Darabont (Shawshank Redemption).

    Let me know if you want more recommendations for those last two slots!

    for Authors new to you, have you read William Boyd? I'd recommend The Blue Afternoon or Any Human Heart.