Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Kalen reports her progress!

Written by Melissa

Kalen reports in on her of August 2, she is on book #71, IF I LOVED YOU, I WOULD TELL YOU THIS by Robin Black. She's finished with two categories: Young Adult and One Word Titles. Coming up for the rest of the pack, with the number read:

Pub'd in 09, 10, or 11: 7 read
Authors New to Me: 8 read
NY Times Book Review Classics: 6 read
Bio/Autobio: 9 read
Indie Presses: 6 read
Mystery/Crime: 8 read
Guilty Pleasures: 1 read
Short Stories: 7 read

One thing Kalen and I both agree on--this challenge has left us feeling like we have reading assignments--all of our books have to "fit" in a category, which right now is preventing us from reading certain things we'd rather. I have a lot of books on my TBR pile that I'm itching to read, but since they don't fit into one of my 10-10-10 categories, I have to leave it alone.

Interested in whether the other 10-10-10ers feel the same, or if it's energizing you to have the categories?

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  1. Some of both - while I'm not ignoring the rest of my TBR pile, I do feel like I should be reading books for the challenge. But at the same time, I'm getting through some of the books that I've been planning to read for a long time, but keep putting off.

    My update, by the way, is here. I think I'm only at 44 books, so you both amaze me!